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All our translators and Interpreters are professionals and members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or an equivalent body in their own country such as the BDU (Germany) or the SFT (France).

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Ibo Translation

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Any language is evolving all the time; constantly developing itself alongside world developments and changes. Translating any document from, or to Ibo, is not simply a case of replacing words in one language with those from another, it's far more complicated than that. For this reason we only employ the best: translators who are up to date with changes in their mother tongue.

Quality Assured

To guarantee you only receive the best service for your Ibo translation, we only use translators who are living in the country where the target language is used. For every project we undertake, translators with expertise in that particular field and working into their mother tongue are used.
Reliable & fast translation service
Providing customers with reliable delivery of urgent translations in more than 150  languages. The key difference of Consulate Translations is our global reputation; which enables us to deliver our customers a superior service.

Working With You And Your Business.

Our aim as your translation agency is to establish a long term relationship with you and to become an integral part of your international expansion. We will work with you to help you achieve your objectives in local, national and international markets by providing professional Ibo translations of the highest quality.

Quality Translations

The quality of our Ibo translations, our exceptional customer service and our no-nonsense technical support will leave you safe in the knowledge you're being looked after by true professionals.

Ibo :

Ibo,also known as Igbo (Igbo: Asụsụ Igbo) is a Niger-Congo language spoken by over 25 million people who are primarily of Igbo descent. In southeastern Nigeria and parts of the Niger Delta, Igbo is spoken natively. It is written in the Latin alphabet, as introduced by British colonialists. Other scripts include the Ekpe (and related secret societies') Nsibidi ideograms.

Igbo dialect continuum, distinguished by accent and orthography but almost universally mutually intelligible, including the Idemili dialect of Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart; others are Umuahia, Onitsha, Enuani (Anioma), Ngwa, Awka (Oka), Mbaise, Nsukka, Orlu, Afikpo, Nsa, Oguta, Ikwerre, Etche, Egbema, Owerri, Bonny-Opobo, Ohuhu, Unwana. There is apparently a degree of dialect leveling occurring. A standard literary language was developed in 1972; this is based on Owerri and Umuahia, though it omits the nasalization and aspiration of those varieties. There are related Igboid languages as well that are sometimes considered dialects of Igbo, the most divergent being Ekpeye. Some of these, such as Ika, have separate standard forms.


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